Huawei 40W wireless charger up for pre-order

At the Huawei P40 series conference last night, the newly unveiled P40 Pro + has become the focus of everyone’s eyes with its excellent image system and 40W wireless super fast charging.

It is understood that the 40W wireless superfast charge it carries is currently the fastest in the world, and the actual performance is worth looking forward to. Of course, if you want to achieve 40W wireless fast charging, you must also cooperate with a dedicated charging base, which can be said to be the best partner.

Although Huawei P40 Pro + may not meet us in June, we can start with this wireless charger in advance. At present, Huawei Super Fast Charge Vertical Wireless Charger has already opened a reservation.

The reservation is 30 yuan to 50 yuan. The final payment and delivery will be paid on April 8. The specific price will be announced at the domestic conference.

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