New leak reveals Intel’s 13th-generation Core Raptor Lake processor will increase cache capacity

According to the revealer “OneRaichu”, Intel’s 13th-generation Core Raptor Lake processor will increase the cache capacity, and the L2+L3 cache will reach 68MB.

Moreover, Intel’s i9-12900K released in October last year used 30MB of L3 cache and 14MB of L2 cache, for a total of 44MB. If the revelations are true, the L2+L3 cache capacity of the 13th generation Core will be 54% higher than that of the 12th generation.

Regarding the 13th-generation Core, it is reported that the top model of Raptor Lake is i9-13900K, which is 24 cores and 32 threads, that is, 8 performance cores (P) + 16 efficiency cores (E). Compared to the i9-12900K, the i9-13900K has double the number of efficient cores. In addition, the engineering samples of the i9-13900K also do not support the AVX-512 instruction set.

Furthermore, a larger CPU cache can effectively improve game performance. AMD is increasing the cache of Ryzen processors with 3D V-Cache. At CES, AMD announced the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, which will be available later in spring 2022, compatible with Socket AM4 sockets. The processor’s L2+L3 cache capacity reaches 100MB.


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