Honor Magic V smartphone comes with a multi-curved nano-ceramic glass

How to prove the quality of your mobile phone at the press conference? Putting a few PPTs to report a few hard-core parameters is probably not enough. The most intuitive and direct hit is the “falling phone”. 

So dare to ask which mobile phone manufacturer has dropped the most mobile phones? I think there must be a place for glory here. A few days ago, some users took stock of the phones that Honor CEO Zhao Ming dropped at the press conference.

According to incomplete statistics, the phones that Zhao Ming dropped at the press conference in those years were: Honor Play 6A, Honor Play 7 X, Honor 9XHonor Play 3, etc. The most recently dropped phone was Honor Magic V. 

It is Honor’s first folding flagship. We all know that the folding screen mobile phone has a special structural design, so the anti-drop performance has also attracted the attention of consumers. Zhao Ming can directly drop the Magic V at the conference site, indicating that he has full confidence in the quality of the phone.

Moreover, the outer screen of the Honor Magic V is covered with multi-curved nano-ceramic glass, which improves the screen’s anti-drop performance by 5 times. In addition, the hinge design of this mobile phone is also extremely complex and advanced.

Furthermore, it uses triple aerospace-grade materials such as high-hardness zirconium-based liquid metal to support 200,000 precise openings and closings. With such a sophisticated and high-quality structural design, it is no wonder that Zhao Ming dared to drop the Honor Magic V twice at the press conference.


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