HarmonyOS version of Lazy Listening is now available on the HUAWEI Watch 3 series smartwatch

According to the official release of Huawei developers, the HarmonyOS version of Lazy Listening is now available on the HUAWEI Watch 3 series watch application market. Now you can not only “liberate your eyes”, but also “free your hands”, without the need for a heavy mobile phone and a light watch that can meet the needs of audio reading, and the listening experience is more invisible and accessible by raising your wrist.

Based on the high-efficiency development features of the HarmonyOS system, the installation package size of the Lazy Listening Watch Edition is only 3.55MB.

01. Operation

Users can quickly perform quick operations such as play, pause, next section, favorites, and volume adjustment on the playback interface. It also supports quick selections of lists, and switches and selects content during exercise more freely and calmly. At the same time, it supports Bluetooth headset playback, as well as external playback of the watch itself.

02. Content

Lazy Listening Watch Edition contains most of the content of its mobile version. Users can quickly view 12 types of audio content, including audio novels, comic storytelling, finance, high-quality courses, history, and literature, just by raising their wrists. After logging in, users can also synchronize recent listening, my favorites, and my purchased items in the Lazy Listen account, seamlessly connecting the account identity experience on the mobile phone. Whatever you listen to on the mobile phone, go to the watch for a seamless connection and continue listening.

Moreover, the Lazy Listening HarmonyOS Watch Edition has the same experience as the mobile version, and at the same time gets rid of the weight of the mobile phone. Whether it is home leisure or outdoor sports, it makes your listening experience more invisible and free. More than that, based on the hyperterminal features of the HarmonyOS system, Lazy Listen will have the potential to increase the functions of self-discovery of devices and seamless audio streaming in the future, and the user experience will be further upgraded.


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