MSI will release a Pro H610M 12VO motherboard

According to the latest report, MSI announced that it will soon launch the brand’s second motherboard with an ATX12VO power supply interface, the model is Pro H610M 12VO, which is positioned at the entry-level.

This motherboard is compatible with Intel’s 12th generation Core processor and is in Micro-ATX specification. This motherboard is likely to be specially designed for OEM manufacturers and is unlikely to enter the retail market.

Moreover, the purpose of the Intel ATX12VO motherboard power supply specification is to simplify the power interface and improve the power conversion efficiency. Therefore, the three power supply specifications of +3.3V, +5V, and -12V are canceled, and the DC-DC transformer circuit is transferred to the motherboard.

As can be seen from the figure, there are three small 4pin power output interfaces next to the 12V interface, the purpose of which is unknown. MSI has previously launched the Z590 Pro 12VO motherboard, which also adopts a new generation of power supply specifications.

Furthermore, the ATX12VO specification requires additional power supply circuits to be designed on the motherboard, so the cost of the motherboard will be higher. The source predicts that the price of the MSI Pro H610M 12VO motherboard may be higher than $115. In addition to this product, MSI has also promoted a variety of B660, H610, and H670 motherboards. 


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