Huawei Mate 40 Pro smartphone is one of the strongest flagship product

In the past year, due to well-known reasons, Huawei’s 5G mobile phones have become very special, and every time they are released, they will be very surprising. But for these reasons, a Kirin 9000 chip in 2020 is still Huawei’s top flagship, and Huawei Mate40 Pro is one of the strongest flagship products.

However, some users revealed a very special Huawei Mate40 Pro explosion-proof customized version on Weibo, which has attracted everyone’s attention. According to the e-commerce platform, this explosion-proof customized version of Huawei Mate40 Pro is equipped with Kirin 9000 chip and also supports a 5G network.

The product introduction shows that this mobile phone is mainly customized in terms of battery and circuit, which can greatly avoid battery explosion and reduce the probability of explosion accidents. The modified explosion-proof version can be used in petroleum, chemical, fire safety, and other safety production fields.

As for the configuration, the explosion-proof customized version of Huawei Mate40 Pro still adopts the original specifications. The core is equipped with the Kirin 9000 flagship chip, which adopts a 5nm process and integrates 15 billion+ transistors. The performance is completely synchronized.

The explosion-proof customized version of Huawei Mate40 Pro is also equipped with an 88° super-curved ring screen on the front, supports 90Hz refresh rate, 240Hz touch sampling rate, and supports IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

Moreover, the image aspect is also consistent with the normal version of Huawei Mate40 Pro, using +50 megapixels super-sensing main camera + 20 megapixels super wide-angle movie lens + 12-megapixel periscope telephoto lens, supporting 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom As well as 50x digital zoom, it is also equipped with a laser focus sensor for faster and more accurate focusing.

As for the price, it has caused extensive discussion, because the price of the explosion-proof customized version of Huawei Mate40 Pro is very expensive. 8GB+512GB costs 16,999 yuan, which is still the cheapest version.


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