Huawei China unveiled Huawei SmartDC low-carbon green data center

Huawei China announced that Huawei SmartDC’s low-carbon green data center solution was selected by the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the “National Communication Industry Energy-saving Technology Products Recommended Catalog (2021)” and “National Communication Industry Energy-saving Technology Products” Application Guidelines and Cases (2021).

The solutions of the Huawei SmartDC data center include modular UPS, intelligent lithium battery system, indirect evaporative cooling technology, intelligent power module, etc.

Huawei’s SmartDC low-carbon green data center solution focuses on the four major reconstructions of “architecture, temperature control, operation and maintenance, and power supply” to improve the energy efficiency of the data center. In practical applications, the average annual PUE of the data center can be reduced to 1.15.

In terms of architecture, a prefabricated modular approach is adopted instead of the traditional approach. All core subsystem modules are prefabricated in the factory, and the on-site Lego building blocks are quickly built.

Moreover, this data center innovatively adopted an indirect evaporative cooling system instead of a water cooling solution, which improved energy efficiency. The equipped iCooling energy efficiency optimization system reduces cooling energy consumption through digital technology and reduces PUE by 8%-15%.

According to Huawei, the intelligent power module solution can increase the link efficiency to 97.8%, significantly reducing energy consumption; through information technology, human inspections have been turned into intelligent inspections, passive alarms have been changed into predictive maintenance, and data center operations have been realized. Dimension’s autonomous driving reduces operation and maintenance costs by about 35%.

 At the same time, through the refinement and intelligence of asset capacity management, the resource utilization rate is effectively improved by about 20%.


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