Huawei announced firmware public test recruitment of 566 version of FreeBuds Pro headset 

According to the latest report, Huawei has decided to expand the recruitment of FreeBuds Pro headset 566 version firmware. Users who need to register can go to the “Member Center” App – Experience Officer – Activity page to find the FreeBuds Pro public test and register.

Moreover, Huawei officials said at the pollen club that, in response to some users’ feedback on the buzzing/booming sound, after a lot of experiments and comparisons by Huawei, it was found that the reason for the buzzing sound is almost still caused by the insufficient cleaning of the sound vent hole. Although the surface is very clean with macro shots, the inside is seriously blocked.

Furthermore, Huawei also learned about several merchants who sell earphone cleaning tools on Taox and Pinxx. The survey found that the proportion of buyers of other brands of earphones is high, while the proportion of Huawei earphones is low. To this end, Huawei has decided to introduce the official research and development tool for deep cleaning of the sound vent hole of the earphone, and will gradually promote it to service outlets to help users who have not been able to clean the holes seriously and rejuvenate the youth of the earphones.

At the same time, you can also go to the nearest Huawei after-sales network and ask the staff to assist in cleaning up for free. Besides, Huawei FreeBuds Pro true wireless earphones are priced at 649 yuan. The headset adopts an in-ear design, is equipped with a silicone sleeve and is equipped with three microphones. This earphone can achieve a noise reduction depth of up to 40dB and provides a vocal transmission mode and a normal transmission mode to choose from.


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