Google parent company Alphabet to turn off a new quantum company called ‘Sandbox’

According to the latest report, Google‘s parent company Alphabet will spin off the quantum technology team Sandbox to make it an independent quantum technology company. It is reported that Sandbox was founded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin and is now led by Jack Hidary. As Sandbox spins off, the new company’s organizational structure should change.

Moreover, Sandbox is seen as a mysterious quantum computing team owned by Google because it wasn’t revealed until 2020. It is reported that the Sandbox team works in the X building, and the members are all former employees of Google’s X innovation laboratory.

The team is focused on developing quantum computing software and experimental quantum projects, as Hidari puts it: Sandbox ” enterprise solutions at the intersection of quantum physics and artificial intelligence .”

Furthermore, Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, has made small achievements in quantum computers. In 2019, it claimed that its quantum computer had achieved “quantum supremacy”, but it has never been recognized by the academic community.

Quantum computer is extremely complex research, and various countries and companies are still in the exploratory stage. In November last year, IBM also claimed that its quantum computer “Eagle” would achieve “quantum supremacy” in 2023, but finally, it remains to be seen who will take the lead.


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