403 access error occurred after Huawei Petal search engine launched in China 

According to users, the web version of Huawei’s petal search engine Petal Search PC ( has been opened to domestic users. However, after a short time of going online, some users found that there was a 403 access error in the search, and the specific reason is still unknown.

Overall, the search engine design is relatively clean and has no ads. In terms of functions, it supports pictures, news, videos, and academic searches. Options are provided: display language, search language, search area, safe search, incognito mode, historical search, etc.

According to the data, in October 2020, Huawei officially launched a number of new applications for overseas users, including Petal Search, a general search engine that supports multiple search methods, and PetalMaps, a map application that can be operated through the Mate 40 series.

In June 2021, Huawei said that Petal Search has provided search services for overseas users in more than 170 countries and regions, with more than 18 million monthly active users.


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