Huawei Hongmeng HarmonyOS service open platform officially launched

In the past, HarmonyOS applications and atomization services were listed on AGC (App Gallery Connect), and the listing process for both was the same. However, the form of the application is more complex and huge. There are many required fields when it is put on the shelves, and the auditing standards are relatively complex.

The application form of the atomized service is more lightweight, and most of the required fields do not need to be filled in. Therefore, the multiplexed application is large and difficult to enter. The complete rules lead to the inefficient launch of atomized services.

Moreover, Huawei Hongmeng officially announced that now we can support atomization services to be launched independently. HarmonyOS service open platform can help you easily get it done.

HarmonyOS service open platform

1. Introduction to the platform

HarmonyOS Service Connect is Huawei’s unified atomized service access and distribution platform. After the service is connected to the platform, the platform intelligently distributes atomized services. After completing the development of atomized services, developers can debug, distribute, configure and publish through the HarmonyOS service open platform, as well as perform statistical analysis, upgrade, rollback, and delisting after listing.

2. Changes

The HarmonyOS service open platform will be changed from “Huawei Express Service Smart Platform” to “HarmonyOS Service Open Platform” in November 2021.

The change on December 31, 2021, in addition to adding a “HarmonyOS service” to the platform creation service model to support the independent launch of the HarmonyOS service, also added a SaaS service provider “Tripartite Workbench” entry on the home page of the platform (common developers do not have, enterprises only the developer).

Service providers can create and configure tripartite workbenches, using template libraries and development services as carriers to connect with their businesses. When the merchant authorizes the merchant service to the third-party workbench, the service provider can quickly instantiate the merchant atomization service with the template by managing the atomization service template of the development service, and a set of codes can be used multiple times, incubating multiple merchant atomization services.

Platform change details:

3. Listing process

So developers may have to ask, what is the new listing process? The following is the listing process of the atomization service,  it can help you to put it on the shelves smoothly!

You can complete all operations of listing and publishing in DevEco Studio and HarmonyOS service open platform. The first 5 steps are the preparations for listing. Only by preparing these can you successfully complete the subsequent listing and publishing process.

Atomic service launch flow chart

Publishing process details:


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