Google’s Wear OS operating system is about to release a major improvement

Google is recently improving its Wear OS watch operating system, and now it has been confirmed that one of the features will be released in the next version: making the right-handed watch experience better.

At present, the Wear OS watch can of course be worn on the right hand, but because the rotation of the watch will not change the direction of the UI interface, if the button is on the right, it will make the operation very uncomfortable.

So if you’re used to wearing the watch on your right hand with the buttons facing your arm, it can be very uncomfortable. In the next version, this problem is finally solved, and it will make the user interface flip so that Google’s smartwatch can be worn on the right-hand forehead.

This new feature is currently set to roll out on “new future devices”, meaning it will take time, perhaps after the next version update.


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