Google Pixel Fold foldable phone appearance spotted

The long-rumored Google foldable phone Pixel Fold has more news recently. The information shows that in terms of appearance, the size ratio of the phone is closer to OPPO’s Find N, rather than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3.

In today’s release of Android 12 L Beta 2, 9to5Google has discovered a new animation. On the SIM card settings page of a Pixel phone, there is usually an animation showing how to open the SIM card tray to insert a SIM card. However, the code for this animation mentions the “Pipit” codename for the Pixel Fold, which also shows a foldable phone.

Moreover, there are two animations: one is the folded state, and the other is the opened state. As you can see, the foldable phone shown is not tall and narrow like the Galaxy Z Fold3, but a little more square like the recently released OPPO Find N.

According to 9to5 Google’s calculations, the foldable’s internal display could have a 7:8 aspect ratio. It was previously reported that the display will be 7.6 inches in size.

It’s unclear when the phone will be released, but this should suggest that the Pixel foldable may still be in development.


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