Colorful releases three RTX 3080 12GB graphics cards

Colorful announced the launch of three new GeForce RTX 3080 12G graphics cards on January 12, with overclocked versions available, priced from 9299 to 9999 yuan. This series of graphics cards have 8960 CUDA cores, equipped with 12GB GDDR6X video memory, and the performance has been slightly improved compared to the RTX 3080. 

The default acceleration frequency of the graphics card is 1710MHz, both of which are LHR-limited mining computing power versions, which are already on sale.

iGame GeForce RTX 3080 Ultra W OC 12G LHR

The graphics card follows the same series of white and gradient colors. It is equipped with two 90mm + one 80mm fans, and the radiator has 7 built-in heat pipes, which are soldered with a reflow soldering process and fins. This graphics card is priced at 9699 yuan.

The graphics card is equipped with a 3×8pin power supply interface and supports a one-key overclocking function, which can increase the frequency to 1740MHz.

Tomahawk GeForce RTX 3080 12G Deluxe Edition LHR

The product is equipped with three 90mm fans and uses a simple red and black casing. The graphics card radiator has 6 built-in 6mm heat pipes, and the height of the end radiator is longer than that of the PCB, which provides better heat dissipation. This graphics card provides a 2×8pin power supply interface with a core frequency of 1260MHz-1710MHz. This graphics card is priced at 9299 yuan.

iGame GeForce RTX 3080 Advanced OC 12G LHR

The flagship product released this time belongs to the iGame series. The graphics card has the iconic “big red circle” fan and uses a silver-black casing. The product is equipped with a 3×8pin power supply interface, supports a one-key overclocking function, and the GPU frequency can be increased up to 1770MHz.

The product adopts the “Wind Catcher” fan blade developed by Colorful to achieve the increase of air intake and wind pressure. In addition, there is a vacuum VC soaking plate inside the radiator to improve heat dissipation efficiency; the PCB circuit adopts silver plating technology to improve stability and reduce current loss.


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