Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB FTW3 Ultra graphics card appeared

According to the latest report, the appearance of the Nvidia EVGA RTX 3080 12GB FTW3 Ultra has been revealed, and this graphics card will be released tonight.

In terms of parameters, it is known that this graphics card will use the updated GA102 GPU, with 8960 CUDA cores, an increase of 3% over the 10GB memory version of the RTX 3080. 

The video memory is increased by 2GB over the original model, reaching 12GB, and the bandwidth reaches 912 GB/s, which is 20% higher than the 10GB video memory version. The power consumption will increase from the original 330W to 350W.

It is reported that Nvidia will release this graphics card at 22 o’clock tonight, and the evaluation will be lifted while pre-orders are opened.

Moreover, the current market price of the RTX 3080 10GB version of the graphics card is around 9,000 yuan, and the price of the RTX 3080 12GB is expected to be higher.


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