Huawei released a new upgrade to Huawei WATCH GT 2 version

Huawei officially announced that the Huawei WATCH GT 2 version has been upgraded. After the upgrade, it will bring functions such as lock screen password, three-party application, one-key drainage, and Bluetooth portable ring.

Specifically, after the upgrade, Huawei WATCH GT 2 will support the automatic lock screen when the watch is removed from the wrist. At the same time, the 46mm version of Huawei WATCH GT 2 also adds a one-button drainage function. Even if you wear it on swimming or rainy days, you don’t have to worry about it, just pull it and drain it easily.

In addition, after the Huawei WATCH GT 2 is upgraded, the Heart Health Research App can be installed on the mobile phone. It is very convenient to measure on the wrist. For female users, Huawei has also brought the female physiological cycle 2.0. The watch can be directly recorded and modified, which is convenient and fast.

Users can select the device in the Sports Health App and click “Firmware Update”. The official recommendation is to upgrade Huawei WATCH GT 2 46mm to, Huawei WATCH GT 2 42mm to, and Huawei WATCH GT 2e to upgrade to Otherwise, the push will not be received.

It is understood that Huawei WATCH GT 2 was released in September 2019. It initially supported 15 sports modes and was later upgraded to hundreds. It also supports blood oxygen saturation detection, so users can know blood oxygen status anytime, anywhere.

Huawei WATCH GT 2 is equipped with the self-developed Kirin A1 chip, which greatly reduces energy consumption, and the intelligent power-saving algorithm 2.0 mode recognizes user usage scenarios to reasonably allocate energy consumption.


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