Huawei FreeBuds Pro noise-canceling headphones available at price 559 yuan on JD

Huawei released the FreeBuds Pro true wireless noise reduction headset on September 20. This product supports intelligent dynamic noise reduction, supports vocal transmission mode, uses advanced low-latency algorithms, wired charging version is 1099 yuan, wireless charging version 1199 yuan.

Moreover, launched its self-operated purchase promotion, which dropped to 559 yuan. Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless earphones are the first to create comfortable geometric aesthetics. The charging box is alternately square and round, and the earphones are inspired by the piano keys. They use geometric cube ear handles.

A single earphone weighs only 6.1g. It supports smart fit detection to help you choose the right earbuds. , It is more comfortable to wear. It is available in three colors of carbon crystal black, ceramic white, and frosty silver. It adopts an 11mm steady-state dynamic coil, and the music details are more vivid.

Furthermore, Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headphones support intelligent dynamic noise reduction technology, which can quickly identify the type of noise in the environment, and the degree of noise reduction varies with the environment. Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headset has an advanced 40dB noise reduction depth, combined with Huawei’s hybrid active noise reduction technology, can simultaneously detect external and internal noise with the help of dual microphones inside and outside the ear, and drive the large moving coil unit to send out reverse noise reduction waves. Precise noise reduction. Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headphones can automatically switch between three noise reduction modes: light noise reduction, balanced noise reduction, and deep noise reduction according to the characteristics of different environmental sounds.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro also supports vocal transmission mode, so you can communicate easily without taking off the headset. In some public places, when the user needs to pay attention to the surrounding sounds, long-press the ear stalk to switch from the noise reduction mode to the transparent transmission mode and hear important environmental sound information more clearly. When talking with friends on the noisy subway or on the street, you don’t have to take off your headphones. You can hear the voice of your friends more clearly by turning on the voice transmission mode in the Smart Life App.

In order to reduce the stethoscope effect caused by traditional tapping interaction, Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headset supports two interaction modesSwipe up and down the square ear handle with your fingertips, and the volume will increase or decrease accordingly. Pinch the middle and bottom of the earphone handle. , You can also answer/hang-up calls, play/pause songs, and switch songs. Long press to switch between noise reduction and transparent transmission modes.

In addition, Huawei FreeBuds Pro also uses advanced low-latency algorithms. According to Huawei laboratory data, the delay can be as low as 180 milliseconds (requires Huawei smart devices with EMUI 10.1 and above).

Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headset also uses smart dual-antenna technology, which can bring a stable connection experience, supports dual-connection of all-scene devices, and automatically switches incoming calls. 

In terms of battery life, the headset can last for 4.5 hours with noise reduction on a single charge, 7 hours with noise reduction off, and 30 hours with the charging box. Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headset supports wired and wireless two-way super fast charging. According to Huawei laboratory data, charging for 10 minutes, wired charging can be fully charged with 30% power, and wireless charging can be fully charged with 18% of the power.


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