Huawei announces Hongmeng HarmonyOS smart voice new version test

Recently, Huawei’s obscurity wisdom of all the measured voices turned, download size is 68.2MB. According to the official introduction, Smart Voice is an artificial intelligence assistant suitable for smart devices.

Moreover, it is committed to freeing users’ hands through advanced voice interaction technology to meet the needs of users for convenient and efficient operation in different scenarios.

The application of in-depth language understands the technology, so that the intelligent voice can answer the user’s instructions clearly and clearly in a short time, and realize the related operations required by the user.

Task introduction

The smart assistant is newly upgraded, please update and experience it now:

1) The translation function supports simultaneous interpretation. Try to say “Turn on simultaneous translation” to Xiaoyi and experience it immediately.

2) The smart assistant introduces the Bingtang mode, says “Summon Bingtang” to Xiaoyi, and then says “Play the latest video” to start chatting and watching movies.


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