Number of employees returning to work in the office rises: Google executives

The head of Google Real Estate said in an interview that the number of employees returning to the office every week is increasing, and younger employees are more willing to return.

Due to concerns about the Omicron virus, Google postponed the return of employees indefinitely on Thursday. Google has 150,000 employees worldwide, and it has said that it may require employees to return to the office as soon as January 10.

Despite this, David Radcliffe, Google’s vice president of real estate and office services, said that many employees return voluntarily. In recent weeks, on average, about 40% of employees in the United States have come to the office every day, compared to only 20-25% three months ago. He also said that globally, the number of employees returning to the office increased by more than 5% per week.

Radcliffe said: “Employees are actually willing to go back to the office, and we are moving in the right direction.” He also said that younger employees and those who have recently joined have a higher return rate, and they want to find opportunities to learn from colleagues.

Moreover, once a new return date is determined, Google will require employees to return to the office at least 3 days a week. For those employees who work remotely, Google will consider work sustainability and physical and mental health employees.

For example, Google encourages employees to buy “carbon offsets”, non-toxic furniture, it also offers free cooking lessons to employees, employees who go closer to home fitness gyms can get a discount. Radcliffe said: ” It’s amazing that so many employees never cook for themselves .”


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