Honor set to launch Honor X30 smartphone on December 16

Honor officially announced today that the Honor Anniversary and Honor X30 New Product Launch Conference will be held on December 16. At that time, Honor X30 will be officially released.

Subsequently, Jiang Hairong, the CMO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. in China, said that eight years ago, on December 16, 2013, Honor 3X was born. In the past eight years, 90 million friends around the world have chosen the Honor X series.

Moreover, Jiang Hairong pointed out that when I look back today, Honor 3X still has more than 40,000 online users. On December 16 this year, Honor will bring the X-series eight-year sincere work-Honor X30 on the anniversary.

According to reports, Honor adheres to the product concept of “two-wheel-drive”. On the one hand, it always faces real consumers in life; on the other hand, it insists on increasing investment in the underlying technology, leading the user experience to steadily upgrade through cutting-edge technology. This is the case for the first generation of products, and so will the Honor X30 that will be released soon.

In addition, Jiang Hairong also told a story about Honor 3X: “Eight years ago, a meteorologist bought the first Honor mobile phone in his life — Honor 3X. During an outdoor homework with heavy snowfall, the sudden cold weather caused colleagues’ mobile phones to be frozen and shut down. Only his Honor 3X became a bridge for everyone to report the safety of their homes”.


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