You can hide the punch hole notch from the Huawei P40 series

The P40 Pro uses a 6.58-inch four-curve full overflow screen with a resolution of 2640 × 1200 and a refresh rate of 90Hz.

Official science, it innovatively uses the four-curve full-screen overflow process, which makes the screen slightly arc around, such as full water in the cup, seems to overflow without overflowing, converging into a curved surface full of tension.

It is worth noting that this display of the P40 Pro belongs to the digging screen scheme. The front dual camera is located in the upper left corner of the fuselage. It is the first digging screen flagship of the P series.

The pre-installed EMUI system of the P40 series provides two ways to display the top of the screen. In addition to the default display, there is also a way of “hiding the top area”. After setting, the top of the screen is always not used as a display area. The dual cameras are cleverly hidden and only display Wi-Fi, battery, time, signal, notification icon, etc. status bar information.

In the core configuration, P40 Pro is equipped with Kirin 990 5G chip, up to 8GB + 512GB, front 32MP + depth of field lens, rear super-sensing Leica quad camera (50-megapixel super-sensing main camera + 40-megapixel movie camera + 1200 10,000 telephoto + 3D deep camera), battery capacity is 4200mAh.

In addition, the P40 Pro is equipped with a 3D graphene liquid cooling heat dissipation system. The 3D graphene heat dissipation film is fully fitted to the motherboard. With the ultra-thin large-area VC, it effectively improves the heat conduction efficiency and keeps the phone cool and high-performance continuous output at all times.

The aircraft has now opened a 100 yuan deposit pre-sale, the National Bank version will be unveiled on April 8.

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