Huawei P40 series major component suppliers details

On the evening of March 26, Huawei released a new flagship model overseas, the P40 series, which can be described as a lot of highlights, especially its image system has been upgraded again. Among them, the P40 Pro + is the world’s first with a 10x optical zoom lens.

According to information from the industry chain, the flexible OLED screens of Huawei P40 and P40 Pro are exclusively supplied by BOE. BOE Vice President Yuan Yuan also stated through his Weibo that “the P40 and P40 Pro use BOE flexible screens”, and it is not clear whether they are exclusive supplies.

However, there are also reports that Samsung Display and LG Display were also suppliers in the early stage of the P40 Pro. It is worth mentioning that the P40 Pro uses a 90Hz flexible OLED screen, which also means that the product performance of BOE has reached the international first-class level. The screen of Huawei P40 Pro + seems to be supplied by Samsung Display, and there are rumors that BOE is the second supply.

The entire series of ultra-thin optical fingerprint solutions under the screen of Huawei P40 series are all supplied by Huiding Technology. Among them, the P40 also uses Huiding’s AMOLED touch control solution. At the same time, the entire P40 series is also equipped with the high-efficiency, low-noise intelligent audio amplifier provided by Huawei’s VAS business (voice and audio business).

The Huawei P40 Pro and Pro + use a four-curved design, which also places high demands on the cover glass. According to industry information, Lansi Technology currently has a market share of more than 80% in this four-curved 3D cover glass, and of course, the cost is 30-50% more expensive than ordinary 3D cover glass.

The ceramic back cover used by Huawei P40 Pro + is based on the three-ring group + Lansi technology front and rear solutions and is expected to supply 2 million units.

According to information released by Huawei, the camera parameters of the three models of the Huawei P40 series are: P40 is 50 million pixels RYYB + 16 million pixels ultra wide-angle + 80 million pixels telephoto (3x optical zoom, OIS); P40 Pro is 50 million pixels (RYYB, OIS) + 40 million pixels ultra wide-angle + 12 million pixels RYYB (5 times optical zoom, OIS) periscope telephoto + ToF; P40 Pro + is 50 million pixels (RYYB, OIS) + 40 million pixels ultra wide-angle + 8 million pixels telephoto (3x optical zoom, OIS) + 8 million pixels ultra-telephoto (10x optical zoom, OIS) + ToF.

In the camera supply chain, industry sources said that the telephoto CIS sensor solution was exclusively supplied by Howe Technology, and other CIS sensors were supplied by Sony. In terms of lens modules, P40 is supplied by Orpheus and Lite-On; Pro and Pro + are supplied by Sunny and Lite-On. According to industry sources, the cost of the periscope lens module of the P40 Pro + 10x optical zoom is as high as $ 70!

In terms of 5G antennas, according to previous supply chain manufacturers, the antenna design of the Huawei P40 series is basically the same as that of Mate 30 series 5G mobile phones. The Huawei Mate 30 series of mobile phones integrate 21 antennas, of which 14 antennas are used for 5G connection, and support 8-band 5G and dual 5G SIM card connections, which are supplied by domestic mobile phone antenna suppliers, Sobeade and Xinwei Communications.

In terms of the RF front-end, it is rumored that the P40 series used a large number of domestic SAW filter manufacturers such as McGee Technology.

As for the battery, the Mate 30 was previously provided by Xinwanda and Desai, and the Mate 30 Pro was provided by Scud and Xinwanda. The P40 series battery suppliers should also be among these.

In terms of fast charging, there is no precise information on which scheme is currently used by the P40 series. The previous Mate 30 Pro wired fast charge was provided by Luxun, wireless charging TX was exclusively supplied, and RX was provided by Xinwei and others.

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