Huawei Mate Xs, P40, Notebooks and other could launch at online event

MWC 2020 has cancelled already, what next for Huawei? The new product launch that Huawei planned to hold at MWC 2020 has been decided to go online.

But don’t be disappointed, the latest news shows that this online conference will be more exciting than imagination, far more than a new product of Mate Xs Folding screen mobile phone.

According to a poster posted by a Twitter user, Huawei ’s “ 5G Full Scenario” series of press conferences will still be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Not surprisingly, Huawei will release the Mate X folding screen mobile phone, Mate Xs, which has been announced before the appointment. On the new machine, the user also revealed that the first preview video of the Huawei P40 series will be played at the end of the conference, which is really looking forward to.

And if you look closely at the leaked poster image, you will find that it is not only the new phone that is expected. Combining the patterns on the poster and the information previously exposed, this conference will also launch new products such as notebooks, smartwatches, smart speakers and even smart screens. In short, this conference is definitely worth looking forward to!

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