Fake Huawei and Samsung flagships smartphones appear on Aliexpress

There is a mobile phone brand called Kimtien on Aliexpress (Ali Express), which has a variety of mobile phones from Samsung and Huawei. They are not real but they are fake smartphones.

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You can take the Kimtien Note 10+ as an example. This phone has a copy of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ phone name and appearance. The price is only 1/5 of the latter. It uses the MediaTek processor. Although the fake is obvious, still it has many users in Brazil and Russia.

Not only Samsung, but you will also find more smartphones from Huawei. If you search on Aliexpress casually with Kimtien as a keyword, there will be a variety of Samsung, Huawei fake phones, it is not clear the details of the Kimtien brand, but its phones are all from China goods.

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