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EMUI 10 Tips: How to use Split-screen Mode and Floating Window [Mate 30 Pro]

Split-screen mode

You can split the screen of your phone to use two apps simultaneously.

Enable Split-screen Mode

1 Open an app.

2 Enable split-screen mode using any of the following methods:

  • Swipe up from the middle of the screen with three fingers.
  • When using gesture navigation, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold to

    enter the Recent tasks screen. Then touch double bricks sign.

  • When using three-key navigation, touch and hold the square key.
  • Knock the screen with a knuckle and hold it until a blue dot appears, then slide your knuckle across the screen to enable Split-screen mode.

3 Open the other app to start multitasking.

Adjust the Size of the Split-screen Panes

Drag arrow (-) in the middle of the split-screen line to the desired position on the screen. This feature can only be used when your phone is in portrait orientation.

Switch the Split-screen Panes

If the home screen is displayed in either of the split-screen panes, you won’t be able to switch the panes.

Touch (-) in the middle of the split-screen line, then touch the split icon.

Disable Split-screen Mode

Touch (-) in the middle of the split-screen line, then touch X.

Floating Window

While watching videos or playing games in Full-screen mode, you can view and reply to incoming messages in a floating window without having to stop what you’re doing.

Display the Floating Window

  1. Before using this feature, make sure your phone is not in Simple mode, Ultra power saving

    mode, or One-handed mode.

  2. When using your phone in Full-screen mode, touch save in the notification banner for new message alerts to display in a floating window
  3. You can reply to messages directly in the floating window.

Resize the Floating Window

Drag the edge of the floating window inwards or outwards to expand or reduce it.

Close the Floating Window

Touch X on the floating window to close it.

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