EMUI 11: Features and Release Date

We are going to see EMUI 11 in 2020 – that’s not a prediction. Well, we have already started hearing news and rumors about the upcoming EMUI OS.

EMUI 11/Android 11 features:

Huawei’s EMUI OS is based on Google’s Android OS, which also shares the features of the Android OS. About Android 11 features – these are the features:

  • With Android 11, Google may finally enable smartphones to save video files larger than 4GB in size (This size limit for video recordings has been in place since 2014). There may still be a Maximum Size limit, but it is expected to be significantly higher than the current 4GB limit.
  • Google added a Dark Mode to Android 10 OS, but you can only turn dark mode on and off by manually tapping the dark mode toggle. Android 11 may add ways to have dark mode automatically do this on its own. This feature was present in some of the Android 10 betas but was pulled due to app compatibility. A Google issue tracker update reveals that Google will add it back in a future release.
  • Android 11 may bring a small change to the Airplane Mode. As spotted on the AOSP Gerrit, the new airplane mode won’t automatically turn Bluetooth off. Instead, it’ll look to see if you’re currently using Bluetooth to decide if it should turn off the radio.
  • Additionally, we can see a Built-in Screen Recorder. It was present in the developer options of the Android 10 beta, but when the public build rolled out, it was pulled due to some reason. With Android 11, there’s no reason for a screen recorder not to be included.
  • There could be a scrolling screenshot feature. Google could add an option for this in Android 11. It will allow the user to expand the screenshot for however long they want.
  • In Android 11, we can see a new file-sharing feature, which can be used to share photos, videos, music, or other files just by putting the phones against each other, just like Apple’s Airdrop.

Android 11 Release date:

Google’s Android 11 is set to be revealed in the middle of 2020, more especially during Google I/O 2020 (May 12-14). The official release date of Android 11 should be sometime in September 2020.

Google typically releases the first developer preview for its new Android OS in March, it is the same case for Android 10 OS last year. It means we may have our first look at Android 11 next month.

What about EMUI 11?

Last year, Huawei announced the EMUI 10 on August 9 at HDC 2019, ahead of Google’s Android 10 OS, which was released on September 3, 2019. Huawei may follow the same timeline for the EMUI 11 release – August 2020.

Credit: RPRNA

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